About us

About us

Leicester Black Cabs has been helping people get around and about in Leicester for years.
We’re your one-stop transport service, making getting around easy, whether for a single journey or an elaborate event.
Whether you’re calling on us for a night on the town or a ride to the airport, our service is prompt and our rates are reasonable
You will appreciate our dedication to excellence when you meet our courteous and reliable taxi service.
Leicester Black Cabs guarantee that no surcharges will be added onto the fare at the end of your journey at peak times unlike minicab firms who put prices up at busy times.

Leicester Black Cabs was established to meet customer demand for a safe and reliable licenced taxi cab.
Leicester Black Cabs only uses Hackney Carriages that are registered with the Leicester Black Cabs company.
There are approx. 350 Black Cabs in Leicester.

According to regulations and Leicester Council, assurance is given that licences to drive Hackney Carriages are only granted to ‘fit and proper’ persons.
In order to establish whether an Leicester Black Cabs driver is a ‘fit and proper person’ to be a licensed driver, they must be required to have

  • An enhanced criminal record check
  • A medical examination
  • A topographical knowledge test of the city of Leicester
  • A practical driving test with the Driving Standards Agency aimed at taxi driving
  • A spoken English assessment
  • The applicant must have held a full British or EU Driver’s Licence for at least 12 months.

With so many potential Black cabs in Leicester, We can get to you as soon as possible usually within 10 minutes.

The famous Black Cab is easily recognisable and you know what to expect, as all Hackney ‘Black Cab’ Carriages need to be maintained to a specified standard.

If it’s not a Black Cab, you know it’s not your taxi.

You can be sure with Leicester Black Cabs that both Driver and taxi have been inspected for your safety.